Thursday, February 2, 2012

Roth Baby #2 - update #3

It's been 81+ hours since my water broke. Today I am at 33 weeks 4 days. Baby and I are still doing fine physically, no signs of contractions or infection so far. Had a good morning. My cousin Jennifer stopped by during lunch and we got to talk for an hour...poor thing---I seriously talked her ear off...sorry but you were my first visitor in many, many hours! LOL!!! The afternoon was mentally hard though. My friend was supposed to bring Andrew by at 3pm to see me (I hadn't seen him since Tuesday)....but she had car troubles and didn't get here with him until 6:30pm. At this point he was tried and cranky. He just wanted me to be done with the hospital and come home or let him stay here with me. That was hard. If only he understood how much I'd love to be home with him right now or even let him stay here with me until his brother arrives. But tomorrow is another day and I'll hopefully see him around 3pm for a nice long visit before Brent has to take him home for the night. Please continue to pray, send good thoughts, send good vibes, or whatever you can :) That's my update for today....I'll touch base tomorrow. Hug your significant other or your kids or your dogs/cats or even yourself extra special hard tonight....and remember to be patient and loving with the people in your life that matter the most! Good night all!

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