Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roth Baby #2 - update #15

Tuesday's update: it's been 2 weeks, 1 day and 6+ hours since my water broke and that I've been in the hospital. We retested the amniotic fluid this morning and the baby's lungs are "mature enough". This means we induce first thing tomorrow morning (Wed 2/15)! We will be 35w2d...the doctors won't let me go pass 36w with my water breaking at 33w...too much risk involved for me and baby. The doctors say that this little guy could be born in 4-18 hours...so he'll either be born on 2/15/12 or 2/16/12. Assuming no complications occur, I will be discharged after staying one more night after he's delivered. Baby#2 will be discharged after he passes 3 tests: 1) keep his body temperature in a normal range; 2) eat well and on his own without a tube; and 3) breathe on his own without a CPAP or tube. I am both nervous and excited for tomorrow morning...I hope I can get one more "good" nights sleep before we become a family of 4!

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Debbie Boyce said...

Hi Lori, I sent you an email because the site wouldn't let me comment earlier today for some reason.

Anyway, you are all in our prayers that everything will go well with the new arrival and Mom will be up on her feet in no time.

Please keep us posted as you have been. I enjoy reading your Blog.

Oh, we see where Brent plays an instrument in Church, but was thinking he does that for a living. What type of work does he do as a regular job. I was just curious, he seems to have a lot of talent, such as the beer business. Wish I could do as he had done with his beer project. I love all the beer labels too. The two of you are very talented. Please write more since we live so far and I would love to know more about your life and family.

Hugs, kisses and prayers are all going your way. Kiss AJ for us too. Love you. Aunt Debbie & Grandma