Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures in Gardening

Day 1 (4/30/11) - Here is where our garden will grow...Brent pulled up the grass and then rented a proud of all the work he got done today.

Day 2 (5/1/11) - We recycled the roof frame from the dog run to make the frame for the garden area. It's really coming along!

Day 3 (5/2/11) - Andrew and I planted some fruits, herbs and veggies today.
bottom right box - strawberries, rhubarb, watermelon
mid right box - cilantro, parsley, chives, mint
mid right box - jalapeno, 4 types of bell peppers
top right box - cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini
Day 4 (5/3/11) - Added in some more pumpkin, green onion seeds, artichoke, and hot peppers.

--no pictures of 5/3...sorry---

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