Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 2 - Andrew at GymStars Summer Preschool Camp

holding up sticks to put inside his bug jar

the class holding up their bug jars

This weeks theme was "Bugs and Butterflies". Andrew had another blast this week at summer preschool camp! He learned about ants, butterflies, crickets, dragonflies, bees and ladybugs.

Here's his artwork from the week:
Andrew's bug jar with a cricket inside decorated with foam

ant colored with crayon

popsicle stick painted green and glued with green pom poms and eyes, cut out paper wings and drew in the wings with crayon

butterfly colored in with paint

coffee filter colored in with paint and twisted with a pipe cleaner

ladybug cutout painted red and fingerprint dots, glued with glitter mouth and eyes and legs

foam cutout of bee painted stripes with pipe cleaner and picture of Andrew

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